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At HearLife of MN, we truly believe that better hearing leads to a better life.

HearLife of MN is an audiology clinic that serves Alexandria, Maplewood, Robbinsdale, and Roseville, as well as the surrounding communities. We pride ourselves in our service, by having a friendly and warm atmosphere paired with intelligent and kind staff.

We work to always be at our highest potential, by making sure we are constantly educating ourselves on the newest research studies and state of art technology. Finally, we try our hardest to go out and educate our communities through partnerships, volunteerism, and outreach seminars. We are positive that better hearing leads to a better life, so don't hesitate-- schedule your appointment today!

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Our Client Testimonials

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"Best things I have ever done! Mary is wonderful! Gina is great, her knowledge is very, very good! All are so friendly and it seems as though I haven’t dropped a conversation since I got my equipment. I recommend these for anyone wanting to hear. "

Lloyd M., Roseville, MN

"Gina is an awesome audiologist. Best I have ever dealt with. Very personable, knowledgeable, and great to work with!"

Dale B., Roseville, MN

"Wearing hearing aids all my life, I have been looking for something that fits my lifestyle. Being so active, and around water constantly, the Lyric is the only way to go. The sound is amazing and I don’t even feel them in at all! Thanks Andrea and HearLife for helping me and changing my life!"

Lewie C., Alexandria, MN

"I really appreciate the knowledge and courtesy of the HearLife people here, especially Andrea and her knowledge of everything to help hear better. I am liking and enjoying my hearing aids better all the time."

Wallace K, Alexandria, MN

"I hesitated and put off getting my hearing aids for over a year. I had nothing to be concerned about. I should have done it long ago. I needed very few adjustments. They worked great right from day one!"

Wayne B., Maplewood, MN

"What a life changing experience to have such improved hearing ability! My family need not enter my home to hear the radio, music, and T.V. blaring loudly! Group conversations are a joy as I can hear everyone! Life is truly good."

Anna J., Robbinsdale, MN
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