Hearing Healthcare Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Hearing Aids

Hearing Healthcare Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Hearing Aids

When people think of hearing healthcare, they usually think of hearing aids. However, HearLife of MN has many other products that are useful for protecting hearing, preventing hearing loss before it starts.

Noise-induced hearing loss is 100% preventable, which is why we have an array of products to prevent it. For hunting and shooting enthusiasts, we have hunter hearing protection. These are great options because they allow softer sounds, like speech, to pass through but protect against sounds that might do permanent hearing damage.

For the music lovers in your life, there are options specifically for them! We offer “musician’s plugs”, great for musicians and concert goers alike. These allow you to listen to music, but cut off at a certain frequency to protect hearing. We also offer custom-molded headphones that are specifically molded to your ear. These fit perfectly to your ear, essentially blocking out background noise, which lets you listen to music without noises from your environment blocking the sound.

When it comes to blocking noise altogether, we have options for that too! We offer custom molded ear plugs that come in handy for a variety of situations! From mowing your lawn to having a snoring spouse, these molds are much more comfortable than traditional plugs. Because they are molded to your ears they can be worn for hours on end without pain.

If you have questions about how to protect your hearing, or would like to come in for a free hearing screening, contact our offices today!