Taking One Patient at a Time

Taking One Patient at a Time

Attending professional trainings is something that all audiologists do to continue education and maintain licensure. A recent training that I attended was great motivation to come back into my office bright and early Monday morning and spend my day helping people. This training did a great job at focusing on what patients need, not what our industry needs, and that’s to take it one patient at a time.

There are many avenues that a person can go through to purchase hearing aids, including private practices, franchised locations, big box retailers, doctor’s offices, and even a few places that have attempted to sell online. Taking things one patient at a time should seem obvious but unfortunately, this is an art that seems to be waning.

All industries must change and adapt to advancements in technology; the hearing healthcare industry is no different. Can a computer fit a hearing aid someday? Maybe, but there are so many factors that go into getting the best results from a hearing aid, that stock models just simply can’t fit the bill for everybody.

Retailers who place a low price on instruments, with hope of moving high volume quickly, do not allow enough time to truly customize each device to their patient’s individual needs. What might these individual needs be? Things as simple as differences in ear canal shapes and sizes, unique pitch and volume needs, brain processing differences between patients, and different lifestyles to name a few. No two ears are created equally, even on the same head. Using stock devices with a “one size fits most” mentality is likely going to cost the patient in lost experiences and possible frustration.

So what can be done about it? Due to each patient’s individual needs, we need to take time to truly understand their situation before making any recommendations. Believe it or not, this consultation can take up to an hour and half, and is provided free of charge to our patient’s so that they are truly making the best decision when it comes to their hearing health. Each device, if needed, is custom ordered and a custom fitting takes about an hour, which is just the start to the journey towards better hearing. Over a 75 day trial period, we consistently adjust the devices to optimize the results.

Don’t wait to make the first step towards better hearing. Know that by calling our office, you will receive individual attention and recommendations, and we take pride in taking our day one patient at a time.