What’s new in hearing aid technology?

What’s new in hearing aid technology?

Hearings aids are sophisticated digital computers that can help aid in communication if the ear is experiencing a loss of certain sounds, or a sound void. Since the advance of the digital age of hearing aids, the technology is constantly evolving to improve the overall experience for the listener. So what’s new in hearing aid technology?

Some features that were once an advanced option are now standard in most models, such as ear-to-ear communication between two devices. Now, most pairs of hearing aids can communicate with each other and are able to create a better picture of where sounds and noises are coming from. This technology has been coupled with advanced “directional” microphones which is also a standard feature of many models. With multiple microphones, the hearing aids get a directional effect by being able to focus on sounds coming from the front. When these technologies are coupled together, the effort needed to listen in background noise is reduced.

Many hearing aid companies have also recently improved how the computers are dealing with music, and noisy environments. Many hearing aids have multiple profiles built into the computer that range from speech-in-noise and comfort-in-noise, to outdoors and music. Based on what the instrument is detecting in the environment, the computer will seamlessly move between these profiles to enhance the listener’s experience, and create a more customized sound.

The most recent improvements in hearing aids include the addition of Bluetooth technology. This allows cell phones and media devices to stream directly in to the hearing aids. Some will need a small neckloop or remote to facilitate transmission between devices while others are directly compatible, such as the “Made for iPhone” technology.

As new hearing aids are released, manufacturers are also improving moisture resistance, feedback management, and the overall styling of the instruments. Now you can find devices that range from the smallest, most invisible option, to the sleekest, fully connected hearing aids. There may be multiple options, but to find the one that is the best fit for your lifestyle and budget, please contact our office for a free consultation!