Oticon Hearing Aid Accessories

Oticon Hearing Aid Accessories

For life’s many opportunities. Making phone calls, video chats, listening to music or watching TV. ConnectLine makes it easier to stay in touch with loved ones from a distance and enjoy more kinds of entertainment. ConnectLine is a series of devices that help you connect to a wide variety of communication and entertainment applications – transforming your hearing aids into a personal wireless headset.

Oticon Streamer Pro

By picking up the audio signal and sending it straight into both ears, the Streamer turns a pair of hearing aids into a small wireless headset. With no detectable delays in transmission, audio signals perfectly match any visual images. This can make all the difference when watching TV or using a computer.

With Streamer Pro you can:

  • Watch TV. Use a TV adapter to watch TV at an enjoyable sound level.
  • Listen to music. Connect your hearing aids to an MP3 player
  • Use your computer or tablet. Transmit the sound directly into your hearing aids.
  • Use your telephone. Enjoy clear and hands-free calls on your landline home phone.
  • Use your mobile phone. Enjoy clear and hands-free calls from you mobile phone.
  • Improve listening in a classroom or lecture hall. Catch more important details with an FM system.
  • Go to the movies, a live performance, or religious service. Connect to teleloop systems using telecoil.
  • Dine at a restaurant or go to a party. Converse in noisy environments with a tiny companion microphone.

Use your smartphone as a remote

The ConnectLine App turns the smartphone or tablet into a cleverly personalized, discreet and easy to use remote control for the individual ConnectLine elements. Swipe, see and select to access and customize features and functions of the ConnectLine system and get a clear overview.