Treatment Process

Treatment Process

At HearLife of MN, part of our business is hearing aid sales. But when you buy a hearing aid, we don’t just hand you a piece of equipment and lead you to the door. Part of the procedure of buying hearing aids includes a full treatment plan, otherwise known as the treatment process. During this time, you will be working with your provider to help your brain adjust to the new noises it is hearing. For the purpose of this article, I will break down the treatment process into 3 pieces.

The Fitting

The fitting appointment is when you will be receiving your hearing aids, and getting adjustments made so they’re custom-fit to your needs. This is no way means they are fit perfectly, that’s what the next few appointments are. Most people state they hear an echo, tinny, or metallic sound when having the aids on for the first time, which is normal and will go away over time. You will receiving counseling on how to use your hearing aids, and be able to ask any questions during this appointment. When you leave you will be asked to set up some follow up appointments, which are the next step.

The Follow Ups and Adjustments

When you get hearing aids, you will start to hear some sounds that you haven’t heard in a while, and some you probably didn’t realize you were missing! It takes the brain 6-8 weeks to adjust to the new sounds it hasn’t been hearing, which is where these follow up appointments come in. During your fitting, you will be sent home with a booklet (mentioned in the next section) with some aural rehab and word list exercises to complete for the next 4 weeks. Although homework might seem a little odd, it gives you ways to help adjust better into your hearing aids.

There may also be adjustments to your hearing aids during the next few weeks, which is pretty common. Some people need a few, some people need a lot. Very rarely do we have someone who needs none. We will continue to adjust the hearing aids until you are completely happy with how you’re hearing in them.

The Paperwork

And no, I don’t mean mounds of papers to go through and sign. During your appointment, you will receive a booklet, which gives you training exercises (they’re easy, I promise) and resources for you and your loved ones. Patients that complete the treatment process packets have more success that someone that doesn’t follow the process.

The treatment process procedure is something that all of our offices use for all of our patients—because it works. Very few, if any, other hearing care providers take the time to work this in depth with their clients, but we at HearLife of MN feel the more educated you are about your hearing, the better results you’ll get. To schedule an appointment to learn more about the treatment process, or to get a free hearing screening, please contact our office to schedule an appointment!